Itheora3-fork working example

Source code: here on github

Here I'm using createObjectTag() helper function to output the html code.
I don't pass any particular parameters (just I tell to my helper function to use files stored in the cloud and I pass the configuration options, then I set an alternativeName to use the same video file in my page without problems) so the output use default video with the width and heigth take from poster image:
<?php echo createObjectTag(array('useFilesInCloud' => true'alternativeName' => 'example1'), $itheora_config); ?>

I can use directly html code and set width and height as I want:
<object id="example" name="example" class="itheora3-fork" type="application/xhtml+xml" data="itheora.php?r&w=640&amp;h=264" style="width: 640px; height: 264px;">

Or use createObjectTag() function helper and set my preferer width and heigth and another skin (for now I can choose from vim, hu and tube):
<?php echo createObjectTag(array('video' => 'example''width' => 400'height' => 400'useFilesInCloud' => true'skin' => 'vim''alternativeName' => 'example2'), $itheora_config); ?>

Or just use createObjectTag() function with just video name, the function retrive alone the width and height to use.
<?php echo createObjectTag(array('video' => 'oceans-clip''useFilesInCloud' => true), $itheora_config); ?>

If no files are found we have the error video:
<?php echo createObjectTag(array('video' => 'ocean-clip-not-exist''useFilesInCloud' => true), $itheora_config); ?>